An Inspiring Start to Our Second Week in Sierra Leone

The second week of our 2019 short course in Freetown, Sierra Leone is now officially underway!

Mark felt that the first day of Week 2 marked a great start to the second half of the programme. He praised the new cohort of students for their energy and engagement. In Mark’s first lecture, he covered Sierra Leone, research theories and even the Premiere League. “I’m looking forward to seeing what we and ProWiBo can achieve this week,” he said following that promising start.

George also praised the students for their engagement and for having come up with such revelant questions for his class. He felt that the new students also seemed to know more about what to expect from the course, as a few of them had spoken to the students from the previous group.

Charlotte felt that it was very beneficial for her to have been able to draw from what she had learned about Sierra Leone during the previous week. According to Charlotte, that knowledge made it easier for her to “tailor the content”  to what worked best with the students. Charlotte also felt that the interractive part of her class went particularly well, thanks to “quite a chatty bunch of students.”

Many thanks to the administration of Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), as well as Charlie, George, Mark, Charlotte and Majeks for a remarkable job!

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